Greek Happy Herstory

Gaia and Maryann were Alpha Chi Omega pledge sisters at San Diego State University.  Their herstory began the day Maryann set out to make a 'quilt in a day,' based on a popular book at the time (which, by the way is nearly impossible without help!). 

The sorority house living room floor was soon scattered with colorful fabric squares, arranged in no particular order, and as the sun was setting, Maryann knew that there was no way that she would finish the quilt in a day, let alone in time for her boyfriend's birthday the next day. 

That's where Gaia swooped in! She quickly got to work organizing a jumbled mess of fabric swatches, quilt batting, needles and thread and together they turned chaos into a gorgeous work of fabric art. That beautiful patchwork quilt lasted for many years.

Greek Happy began in a similar way: organically, starting with a well-meaning idea, a struggle, and a little bit of chaos and morphing into something remarkably beautiful. The synergy that Gaia and Maryann had working on that quilt would carry forward years later to launch Greek Happy.

A random Zoom call started them off on an idea to offer original sorority designs on a wide variety of sorority merch that had never been available to sorority actives and alums before.  But, despite their good intentions and their desire to spread some joy during a dark time, it would take both of their skills and a whole lot of determination to launch their sorority merchandise company. 

Gaia's organizational skills, design prowess and her infamous spreadsheets have created a significant foundation that has allowed Greek Happy to blossom.  Her contributions echo back to that quilting day and show the generosity, love and care that comes with sorority sisterhood ~ very much like the lovely hues of a patchwork quilt.


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