Which sorority should I Join?

As college campuses plan to reopen this Fall, a lot of you are wondering whether you should go through Sorority Recruitment.  If so, the question you're probably asking yourself is "which sorority should I join?"

As a sorority alumna and previous Recruitment Counselor at San Diego State University, I've got some tips.

Top 3 Things to Ask Yourself About Which Sorority Should I Join?"

1. Keep an open mind. This seems obvious, but you may already be getting influence from friends or family members about what house is "the best" or which one is highest ranked nationally.  Sororities can often be stereotyped, but it's best to push those labels aside because they are often wrong and they could prevent you from finding  your happy place.  Stereotypes don't always translate to a personal level, either, and It may surprise you in which house you feel you'd make the most authentic friendships.

2. Don't listen to anyone but yourself.  You may already be getting some opinions from friends and family members about what house is "the best" on your campus or which one is highest ranked nationally. Who cares?! Let yourself see which house you feel most comfortable in! You'll be spending quite a lot of time with these women and you're going to want to spend time around people you actually like, not just because they're "most popular."

3. Listen to your body! This is just good advice, in general, because our bodies will tell us answers before our brains will.  As you go through Recruitment, see where your body rests and what feels like home. Conversely, where did your body feel constricted or make you feel tight around your jaw or neck? And, If your belly is crying out to you: listen to your gut! It will tell you where your values align with which house.

If you need any further advice, feel free to reach out. And, listen to our GreekSpeak podcast interviews with sorority women who have been there and have some pearls of wisdom to share.

And, most importantly: Best of luck during Recruitment!

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