Why do we contribute to Happiness?

The word "Happy" isn't just in our name, it's in how we strive to run our company. When we started Greek Happy, we wanted to give back.  It was a sad, scary time in 2020 and we wanted to bring forth a little happiness - hence our name.

We did our research and learned about the Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) in Berkeley and felt that it fit most closely with our own philanthropic mission. 

Since our inception, we consistently donate at least 4% of every purchase to this wonderful organization that sponsors groundbreaking scientific research into the social and emotional well-being of humanity. But, they don't just stop at research - they actually help people - because their research is applicable to our personal and professional lives. 

Berkeley alumni Thomas and Ruth Ann Hornaday


You can feel their mission at work in their articles, podcast and in their monthly "Happiness Calendar" where you can find tips and tricks on how to lead a happier life. You can read all about Berkeley Alumni Thomas and Ruth Ann Hornaday, pictured above, who founded the GGSC in 2001 here.

I highly recommend checking out their "Science of Happiness" Podcast which is an invaluable resource and has brightened up many a gloomy day for me, personally.

All of this is to say that we continue to love the great work coming out of the GGSC and are honored to contribute to their mission.  We hope it makes you happy, too!  :)

Be sure to check them out here!



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